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DBE/EBE Certified
Your ONLY Professional Wisconsin C.S.D.A Certified Contractor
Serving Contractors since 1959
Lepine Enterprises INC
Is now accepting clean broken concrete and asphalt at our recycling yard
Street Sweeping

Full-Service Contractor
Commercial- Municipal
Industrial- WISDOT
The Pipeline Professionals:
CCTV Inspections
Sewer Cleaning
Chemical Grouting
Cure - In - Place Pipe
Manhole Lining
Epoxy Coating
Port- A - Store
Your Portable Storage Solution

For Rent/For Sale
Wanted: Structural
Approximately 100,000 yards
of structural fill needed for
Sussex Development.
Hwy 164 & Hwy VV
Please contact Brian Bence at
262.345.5420 or
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